Top table 


If you are having additional tables for your evening reception, we normally advise to have 2 or 3 of the centrepieces that you are having on your guests tables running along the front of your top table.

This way once your top table has been dropped after the meal you can use these centrepieces on your additional evening tables.

If you opt for a large/tall vase we can recreate the design in a shorter/smaller vase to stop your view being restricted, larger vases and candelabra are placed between the last two people on the top top table again so we are not restricting the view of your guests

A floral arrangement or Mr & Mrs sign can be placed in the middle. We run the tea lights, which sit around the mirrors on your guest tables, along the front of the top table and  your chosen scatters are run down the table.


We also supply a range of complimenting centrepieces, different decor from your guest tables, to make it stand out.

Or alternatively you could opt for a long and low floral arrangement in fresh or artificial flowers this has the benefit of being used for both the civil ceremony and then as the centrepiece for your top table.
Take a look at the selection below

If your not a fan of flowers then our Mr & Mrs signs are perfect for you
Available in Ivory/white, rose gold, gold, silver, and black or natural wood for the rustic themes.

We also supply large rustic LOVE or bark LOVE

10cm Individual letter hire/purchase
priced per letter, to spell your surname

(or any other words or saying)
Mr & Mrs Promotional price of £5 to hire or £2 per letter to hire
Surname to buy only £2 a letter
For example Mr & Mrs Foster:

To buy: £2 x 12  to make "Mr & Mrs Foster" = £26
To buy just surname: Foster = £12 and then £5 for hire of Mr & Mrs Total =  £17.00

Mr & Mrs silver
Mr & Mrs in Gold
Ivory Mr & Mrs
Wood Mr & Mrs
White Mr & Mrs
Wooden Mr & Mrs with Surname
Mr & Mrs in Black with surname
Mr & Mrs in Ivory Surname
Rustic Love
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