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Staircase Dressings

Staircase Swag
A grand staircase is a fantastic photo opportunity and definitely one for the album.

Make the most of it by accenting it with our Staircase Swagging.

We normally Swag in Ivory or White, with matching bows, or you can change it up with coloured bows. The addition of Fairy Lights and Roses makes for an even grander affair.


Staircase Swagging Organza & Bows (Both Sides) - £60
Warm or Ice White Fairy Lights add (Both Sides) - £20
Artificial Flower Inserts add (Both Sides) - £10
Brooches add (Both Sides) - £10

Swags can be done in different styles which will be discussed when booking.

Styles available are weaved, swagged or wrapped!

Flower Garlands


Flower Garlands - (Both Sides) £80

Flower Garlands With Lights -  (Both Sides) - £100
We can add in accent coloured Flowers to the Ivory Rose Garlands 

Greenery Garlands

Greenery Garlands - Ruscus Or Eucalyptus (Both Sides) - £80
Greenery Garlands - With Lights (Both Sides) - £10

Deluxe Greenery Garlands Ruscus & Eucalyptus Mixed (Both Sides) - £150

Autumn Garlands

Autumn Garlands  -  (Both Sides) £80
Autumn Garlands With Lights - £100

Add Lanterns and Petals to the staircase for extra detail to complete the look of your chosen swags.

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