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Foil Balloon Clusters
Foil Balloon Clusters fly for around a week and look their best for 5 days.
Foil Balloons come in a number of colour combinations and prints.
We can add personalised vinyl's for an additional cost.

The price includes a Card Box Weight. 
The Balloon Ribbon can be floor or table height for the same cost and are colour matched to the balloon they are attached to.
All our Balloons as sold to be set up on site at your venue by NABAS Trained Balloon Artists.
Orders under £50 may require collecting from us.

Single Foil Balloon
Single Plain Foil
Available in Stars, Hearts & Circles in a variety of colours 

£4 or £6.50 Personalised
Trio Of Foil Balloons
Plain Foil Trio.
£12 or £14.50
Top Balloon P
Cluster Of Foil Balloons
Plain Foil 5 Balloon Bouquet
£20 or £22.50
Top Balloon Personalised
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