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Mr & Mrs Letters

10cm Individual letter hire/purchase
priced per letter, to spell your surname

(or any other words or saying)
Mr & Mrs Promotional price of £5 to hire or £2 per letter to hire
Surname to buy only £2 a letter
For example Mr & Mrs Foster:

To buy: £2 x 12  to make "Mr & Mrs Foster" = £26
To buy just surname: Foster = £12 and then £5 for hire of Mr & Mrs Total =  £17.00

Large 15cm Individual letter hire

"Mr & Mrs" hire, available in silver, gold, ivory, rose gold or wood £5

Vintage Love letter Hire

Diamante 10cm  "Mr & Mrs"  hire £5

Large 24cm Vintage Rustic "Love" letter hire £5

Rustic Bark effect 15cm love £5

Add to your top table, card table or ladders for additional decoration

Diamante Mr & Mrs Hire
Wood Mr & Mrs Letter Hire

Wood Mr & Mrs Letter Hire