Foil Number on column

Numbers/Letters with 6 row balloon column £15 each

Letters and numbers can be individually weighted or applied to an arch for the same price above

Letters come in Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Pink or Blue. Numbers come in Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Pink and Blue, Black, Red and Purple.

Our Mr & Mrs foil arch comes in Silver or gold these letters are quite large so you need a good ceiling height!
Additional letters to spell your surname can be purchased at £10 per letter

Other letters can be purchased to make names or anything else you wish to spell

Price includes local delivery & smaller balloons to accent if required

All our balloons as sold to be set up on site at your venue by NABAS trained balloon artists.
You can collect from us but we prefer to set up at the venue.

Foil Number Balloons on string

Letters / Numbers on balloon string with/without a small balloon collar - £10 each

Gold Foil Number Balloon 50
On columns in white black & gold
Blue Foil Number Balloon 70
on columns in white & blue
Gold Foil Number Balloon 80
On strings
Pink Foil Number Balloon 13
On multi-coloured columns
Silver Foil Number Balloon 18
On blue, silver and purple columns
Blue Foil Number Balloon 21
on blue, purple and silver columns
Pink Foil Number Balloon 18
on strings
NYE 2018 Gold Foils
Pink Foil Number Balloon 5
On baby pink & hot pink columns
Silver Foil Letter Balloon Arch
Mr & Mrs
Silver Foil Letter Balloon Arch
Mr & Mrs Lax
Gold Foil Number Balloon 50
on black & silver columns
Silver Foil Number Balloon 40
Blue Foil Number Balloon 1
On a cloud of baby blue and dark blue balloons
Blue Foil Number Balloon 50
On strings
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