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Brooches, Buckles & Inserts

Adding some sparkle to your chairs with our range of Chair Cover Brooches & Buckles or add a  splash of extra colour with our Flower & Greenery Inserts.
Brooches & Keys from £1.00 each
Artificial or Fresh Flower/Greenery Inserts from £1.00 each
Signs & Masks from £1.50 each
Rustic Mr & Mrs Hoods £5.00 pair
Bride & Groom Banners 
£5.00 pair

Pay for the Buckles or Brooches on your Chairs & we will add them to your Top Table

& Cake Table Swags for FREE.

DIY SET UPS - Receive a 25% DISCOUNT on the above pricing.

We will wash & fold the drapes upon return.


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