Storm vases 

Bark Heart vase  

Silver Lanterns

Rose Gold Lanterns
Gold Lanterns

Twine vase 

all the above lanterns are £5 each to hire, supplied with a LED pillar candle 


White ornate lanterns with fairy lights - £5 each
 Jam Jars with tea lights - £1 per jar

Trio of cylinder vases with floating candles or LED pillar candles - £10 

Glass Columns with flower ball toppers & diamante garlands - £25 per vase

Petals - covers up to 10m - £25

All our lanterns cylinders & columns can be decorated with artificial flowers or fresh flowers
for additional cost.

 used them down the aisle first then placed on the guest tables as centrepieces with a mirror, tealights and table diamonds.
This enables you to use the decoration all day and save you money.

Silver Lanterns

Rose Gold Lanterns

Glass columns

Glass Columns

jam jar aisle decoration
Twine vase aisle decoration

Twine Vase

Jam Jars

Bark heart lanterns

Bark Heart Lanterns

Storm vase

Storm Vase

Ornate ivory lanterns for aisle

Ornate Lanterns

Aisle Decor

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