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Luxury venue styling for weddings & events​​

Uplighting also referred to as mood lighting are perfect for adding colour, depth and dimension to your event or wedding reception.
Your venue's room may already look beautiful, but by carefully selecting coloured lighting to compliment your chair covers and table decoration your reception will be magically transformed
Shining light upwards from the floor brings surfaces to life and paints streams of light and shade that add height to your environment, accentuating architectural features, support columns and brightening otherwise dark corners in the room

  Uplighters Per Can - £12.50
  1. blue uplighting, Twinkle Curtain & Flame effects
  2. Blue Up-lighters
  3. Pink uplighting and twinkle backdrop
  4. pink up-lighters and twinkle columns
  5. pink uplighting and twinkle columns
  6. Pink Uplighters
  7. Turquoise up-lighters
  8. Turquoise uplighting
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