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Carrying the colour theme through your big day & indulging your guests, we know is important to a lot of brides, we have a range of favours, which will do just that!
Choose from standard Favour's (which are also included in our room packages) or custom design your favours if you want something more unique.
If you want to make your favours work twice as hard you could opt for a cookie favour which is also your name cards for your guests
Favour box alternate lid and bottom
 Standard filled favours - £1.50
(included in the room packages)
Our favours,  are decorated with ribbon to match your theme.
We can use Organza bags, or tulles, boxes, hearts, tuxedo's, handbags, cones, lanterns and many more, we have a catalogue full for you to choose from. Various colours and shapes are available, extra decor may incur an additional cost
Our new Organza pull bows give a classy but professional finish or they can be handtied wth a ribbon of choice
We can fill them with chocolate covered caramels, or mint imperials, after dinner chocolate mint, foil covered hearts, Jellies, Mini Eggs
We are quite flexible so if there is something specific you would like inside them for example, jelly beans in red to match your theme we can normally do this within the price.
Lottery Ticket/Scratch card holders - 80p (not included in the room packages)
These lottery ticket/ Scratch card holders are a suitable size for the relevant option, decorated the same as your wedding stationery range, they can double as your name cards too which will save you the cost of paying for additional name cards.
This price does not include the lottery ticket/scratch card, however if you want to provide us the money for the scratch cards and lottery tickets we can purchase these and add them to the holders for you.
This bride wanted a new penny to give to the guests as it is meant to be good luck, if you provide them we can also stick these in for you it gives your guests a penny to scratch the cards with.

Gallery - click an image to start
  1. white favour box cadbury deluxe ribbon
  2. Cadbury Bonbonaire
  3. White heart Favor with pink accents
  4. Chest & Handbag boxes in damask ivory with bows
  5. white favour box with sage bow
  6. white favour box with burgundy ribbon, matching napkin ribbon
  7. silver & purple favour box with purple deluxe ribbon
  8. White favour boxes with deluxe hot pink ribbon
  9. Tuxedo and Handbag favours with burgundy decor
  10. Gold favour box with white deluxe ribbon
  11. Butterfly favour box
  12. Green Polka dot Cone favour with bow
  13. white box with gold deluxe bow
  14. pink flower favour box
  15. white cone with white deluxe bow
  16. white favour box with white deluxe bow
  17. pink favour box with deluxe white bow
  18. silver favour box with purple bow
  19. white favour box with dusky pink bow
  20. tuxedo and gold handbag favours
  21. white & purple alternate favour boxes with deluxe bows
  22. white handbag with cadbury bow
  23. white pilowbox with pink and white polka dot deluxe bow
  24. silver box with white deluxe bow
  25. white twinkle dot bonbonaire
  26. white box with burgundy deluxe ribbon
  27. white favour box with hot pink ribbon
  28. white cone favour with pink deluxe bow
  29. red & gold bonbonaire
  30. white favor box with dark purple bow
  31. white favor box with lilac bow
  32. white & purple bonbonaire
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